About CamInfo

CamInfo is a free professional software for monitoring the condition of your camera

Caminfo supports cameras from Canon, Nikon and many other manufacturers, including SLR, mirrorless and other data cameras. Users can use Caminfo to detect the camera model, serial number, shutter number, reflector number, flash number, firmware version and other information

  • Can detect the camera model
  • You can query the camera serial number
  • You can query the camera version number
  • Can detect the shutter number
  • Can detect the number of reflectors
  • Can detect the number of flashes
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The software supports many manufacturers and many models

Currently support Nikon and Canon SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras, including in the sale of models and discontinued models, other manufacturers of cameras can be querying camera information through photos

Support query flash times

Nikon SLR cameras with built-in flash support to query the number of flashes, which is found by looking up photos

The software can be upgraded online

Software functions continue to improve, support models continue to increase, generally do not need to update the software can be supported, when a new version of the software is released, support software automatic update, no need to manually download

Software function one-button operation

Software functions one-button operation, no need to register, convenient and fast