What is the "shutter count"?

The shutter is the mechanism used by the camera to control the effective exposure time of the photographic film. It is an important part of the camera, its structure, form and function is an important factor to measure the grade of the camera. The shutter moves once per shot, so the shutter count is the number of shots taken, a measure of the number of photos taken by a camera.

What is the "Mirror Count"?

A reflector is a set of reflective components located in the mirror box of a SLR camera. When not shooting, the reflector reflects light from the lens into the viewfinder so that the user can see the shot. In a shot, the reflector directs light through the gap in the shutter to the sensor, thus completing the shot. The number of actions of the reflector is directly related to the number of shots taken by the camera. In addition, the number of reflectors can more accurately reflect the use of the camera because the shutter is normally open during real-time view-taking and video shooting.

Why can the reflector number more accurately reflect the use of the camera?

In the absence of real-time viewfinder and video recording, the shutter number is strictly synchronized with the number of reflectors. If the two are inconsistent, the difference is small, indicating that the machine may have used live framing and a small amount of video. When the difference is relatively large, it indicates that the machine is probably a video machine, and the consumption of camera CMOS for video shooting is much greater than that for taking pictures, so we should be cautious in purchasing. If the query finds that the shutter number is much larger than the number of reflectors, it may also be a refurbished machine.

“How is the shutter number not equal to the reflector number?

When taking photos in optical framing, the opening and closing of the shutter inevitably brings the same action of the reflector, so the number of the two actions is equal. But in real-time view, reflector pre-lift and video shooting, the shutter and the reflector action is not synchronized (for example, in real-time view for single shot, the reflector is about twice the shutter number). In most cases, the number of reflectors is greater than the number of shutters.As long as the two are not very different, it is normal. (abnormal case example: shutter number 15 reflector number 82356, is probably a refurbished machine)

Nikon camera without reflector number?

Yes, Nikon cameras are different from Canon cameras. Nikon cameras don't record reflector counts. But Nikon camera with built-in flash, is able to query the number of flashes, if the query shutter is 0, but the number of flashes, it may be refurbished oh

Does the Canon camera have no flash count?

Yes, unlike Nikon cameras, Canon cameras don't record the number of flashes.

Canon camera why sometimes after shooting shutter and reflector number does not increase?

This is caused by the design of Canon camera. After shooting, Canon camera does not update the reflector number of shutter times immediately, but temporarily stores it in the cache. When the camera is closed, the data will be updated, so it is more accurate to search the shutter after re-opening the camera.